The Interbellum Generation: Born 1901 to 1910
Our grandparents, mostly. Too young for the First World War, too old for the Second -hence the name. Robbed banks and joined Communist fronts during the Depression, then went on to build The Bomb, suburbia, and Little League Baseball, among other things. Their last project involved a "Great Society" that didn't turn
out so great. Most of them are gone now. Sample living members: Ruth Jones Villa, Texana Hollis, Sophie Ferrara.

The G.I. Generation: Born 1911 to 1924
Also known as "The Greatest Generation, " they conquered half the planet when young but couldn't conquer their own kids when they got older. These days they can be found living in sparkling "seniors only" communities, telling awesome war stories, and appearing in Viagra commercials. Sample living members: John Glenn, Betty White, Bob Barker.

The Silent Generation: Born 1925 to 1939
They were first seen rolling worn-out tires to the garbage dump. Now they run the garbage dump. Sample living members: Clint Eastwood, Mary Tyler Moore, John McCain..

Baby Boomers: Born 1940 to 1957
They wanted no part of Vietnam - yet they seem perfectly willing to send today's youth to Iraq.  Sample living members: Ira Einhorn, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Spike Lee.

Post-Busters: Born 1969 to 1980
The media took the Gen X label away from us and gave it to them, but that's not their fault. We taught them everything they know about having a good time and showing everybody else how the real world works. And just look at the results! Sample living members: Marilyn Manson, Monica Lewinsky, Paul Ryan.

Echo Boomers: Born 1981 to 1990
Chips off the old block?  Not!  Sample living members: Mike Sorrentino ("The Situation"), Lady Gaga, Mark Zuckerberg.

Echo Busters: Born 1991 to 2000
Are you smarter than these fifth-graders?  Sample living members: Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Dakota Fanning. 

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